13cabs Mini Buses

13cabs Mini Buses

13cabs Mini Buses is our professional fleet of comfortable large
vehicles for those who wish to travel in large numbers for
any occasion

Make: Toyota and Mitsubishi
Seats: 6 to 24 passengers
Available: 24 hours, seven days a week

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Terms & Conditions

Seat belts must be worn in mini buses that have them fitted.

No Smoking is permitted in any of our mini buses.

It is an offence to allow the consumption of liquor without a liquor licence on regulated premises (regulated premises include buses for hire or reward), even if there is no sale of liquor involved.

All passengers must be seated whilst the mini bus is moving.

Passengers are not permitted to place any part of their body or other objects outside the mini bus whilst it is moving.

Special request by the client during the charter are to be agreed to by the driver, and may incur additional charges.

Yellow Mini Buses reserves the right to terminate a charter if any actions are deemed threatening or dangerous to the driver or other passengers.

Quotes are valid for 28 days and may vary after this time.

Any variations to the original charter booking may incur additional charges and fees.

All lost property will be returned to Yellow Mini Buses office and registered in our Lost and Found register. Any lost items can be collected from our office between 9.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday. No liability is taken by Yellow Mini Buses for lost property.

A minimum deposit of $25.00 or 10% of the charter cost (whichever is greater) is required for bus pre bookings and is to be processed by our office no later than three working days prior to the booking.

Payment can be made by credit card or personal cheque. Credit card bookings do attract a 10% service fee from the credit provider.

Payment is required in full by cash or cabcharge on pick up, if not paid in full previously by credit card or personal cheque.

All accounts are strictly seven (7) days from date of invoice.

A cancellation fee applies to all pre booked charters of $25.00 or 10% of the charter fee (whichever is greater)

A passenger who soils a Yellow Mini Bus or renders it unclean so that it is necessary to clean or deodorize it before further use must on demand from the driver pay a fee of $66.00 in addition to any other fare that is payable.